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Vyvanse Manufacturer Coupon 2019 | Prescription Assistance

With the Vyvanse manufacturer coupon, you can pay as little as 30$ per 30-day prescription! Be sure to carefully review all of our eligibility requirements and frequently asked questions for more information on this wonderful savings program. Advocate My Meds believes in affordable prescription medication for every American: this belief led to founding of this company.

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Advair Coupon 2019 | Prescription Assistance

Advocate My Meds takes the burden of the cost of prescription medication off of your shoulders. By working with the country’s leading drug manufacturers, doctors, and health advocacy groups, we can offer you a substantial reduction in the price you pay for your medication. To find out more about our services, call us at (877) 870-0851.

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Afford Medication with Xarelto Discount | Assistance

If you or someone you love needs help paying for medication call the Advocate My Meds service for Xarelto discount at 877-596-1604 TODAY!

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Dulera | Prescription Assistance

Dulera can be an expensive medication. Using Dulera can help decrease inflammation and help open up your airways. Even with a coupon, Dulera is around $320, which is already 20% off the average retail price of $400. This can be very expensive and trying for a family that is already struggling to meet ends meet.

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How to Get Help Paying Asthma Medication | Prescription

There are ways to get help paying for asthma medication to those who need it. Read more for enrollment and how one can receive the help they need.

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Proventil Inhaler: How much does it cost without insurance

A number of pharmaceutical manufacturers make coupons and rebates available to patients who cannot afford their medications. Currently, there is a 2018 Proventil manufacturer coupon available for patients that can save them $15 off the price of this asthma medication. This manufacturer issues coupons as a Proventil copay card.

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