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Zoom for Nonprofits | NonProfit Rate

(3 days ago) Zoom’s free video conferencing services help nonprofit teams stay in touch. If you already using Zoom and need an upgrade for more flexibility on video services, check out Zoom’s nonprofit rate on Pro plans.

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24 Nonprofit Software Discounts - Whole Whale

(6 days ago) Technology is so important for increasing social impact, but it can also be so expensive. Nonprofit organizations already give so much to the community, you all deserve to get a lil’ something back. Here are some Whole Whale approved companies that offer nonprofit discounts on their products, services, or programs.

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Nonprofit eligibility and discounts | Microsoft for Nonprofits

(4 days ago) Organizations cannot share, transfer, rent, or resell nonprofit licenses or subscriptions with/to other organizations or individuals even if they are part of the same group. If the group has both nonprofit and for-profit organizations in its legal structure, nonprofit offers are only permitted for the eligible nonprofit organizations.

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The Best Software Discounts for Non-Profit Organizations

(4 days ago) Running an organization isn’t cheap. With budget and personnel restrictions, it's often hard to get the latest technology approved or prioritized.For nonprofit organizations who are doing the valuable work of improving society, we’re trying to change that, and we’re not alone. Zapier offers a 15% discount to help nonprofits...

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Nonprofit Mailers | Postal Explorer

(4 days ago) Nonprofit postage is lower than regular prices, but not everyone can qualify. The following information will help you determine if your business or organization is eligible for nonprofit postage privileges. Organizations wishing to mail at nonprofit USPS Marketing Mail prices first must be authorized by the Postal Service as eligible.

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Discounts for Nonprofit Organizations - Nonprofit Resources

(2 days ago) Nonprofit Discounts Many merchants offer discounts to nonprofits in recognition and appreciation of organizations that take it on themselves to be charitable. The list below provides you with merchants who offer discounts specifically to nonprofit organizations.

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The Zoom Discount Program - TechSoup

(2 days ago) The Zoom discount program at TechSoup provides video and web conferencing as well as webinar software to eligible nonprofit organizations and public libraries throughout the United States. You can use Zoom products to communicate with colleagues, partners, donors, volunteers, and constituents in meetings and webinars.

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TechSoup – Technology for nonprofits, charities, and libraries

(4 days ago) TechSoup supports nonprofits, charities, and libraries by providing access to donations and discounts on software, hardware, and services from major

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PayPal's Online Fundraising & Donation Platform | PayPal US

(5 days ago) PayPal Checkout allows your donors to use the most popular online payment methods to contribute to your cause. Set up is easy with a developer or an e-commerce solution provider. This tool is a good fit for: Mid–large organizations Features: Accept major credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and Venmo

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Nonprofit Discounts - Online Apps at Discounted Rates for ...

(3 days ago) There's a 30% discount for organizations that collect less than $50k in revenue annually. Also, if your organization is less than 1 year old, you qualify for 6 months free. There's also an extra 1% off transaction fees if you're a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Food & Supply Source

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Dell discounts for non-profits - Dell Community

(4 days ago) Dell does offer discounts and donations to non profit organizations. There's several ways to take advantage of the program. First, contact the Dell account representative for your company, and they will gladly help you out. Plus there are programs to help here and here. Regards, Robert

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27 Ways Nonprofits Can Save Money! | Nonprofit Expert

(7 days ago) Nonprofit organizations and businesses use Standard Mail® the same way. The only difference is that authorized nonprofit organizations are eligible for additional savings on Standard Mail. Eligibility to use nonprofit rates is based both on the eligibility of the organization and the content of the mailpiece as established by federal statutes.

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G Suite: Nonprofit Resource Center - Google for Nonprofits

(6 days ago) Solutions for effective nonprofit organization management. Enable your teams to collaborate, iterate, & innovate together, from anywhere, in real time.

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Discounts for non-profit organizations

(11 days ago) We think one good deed deserves another and will happily help charitable, non-profit organizations with a free Flickr Pro account. At Flickr, you get a vers... Discounts for non-profit organizations

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Who Qualifies for Nonprofit Prices? | Postal Explorer

(4 days ago) For example, business leagues, chambers of commerce, social and hobby clubs, and certain political organizations usually are NOT eligible. Your organization may apply for and receive nonprofit authorization, but you're not quite finished -- there are restrictions as to what may be mailed at those prices.

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Asana for Nonprofits& Asana discounts and support for ...

(4 days ago) Asana Nonprofit Discount For nonprofits with big missions but not–as–big budgets Eligible nonprofits can receive a 50% discount on Asana Premium or Asana Business. You’ll be directed to our partner site to apply for the Asana Nonprofit Discount. Check Eligibility and Apply

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Slack for Nonprofits | Slack

(5 days ago) The Slack for Nonprofits program offers free or discounted plan upgrades to eligible organizations. Here are the details: Standard Plan: We offer workspaces with 250 or fewer members a free upgrade, and an 85% discount for workspaces above that size. Plus Plan: We offer workspaces of any size an 85% discount.

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Members-Only Offers - Nonprofit Connect

(4 days ago) We serve many non-profit organizations across the country, which includes Nonprofit Connect! All hardware required for the implementation of the service is discounted 10%. We also provide a one billing tier discount on the monthly service, which will range from a 10% to 15% discount, depending upon the number of phones deployed.

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Discounts for Non-profit Organizations - A2 Hosting

(10 days ago) Discounts for non-profit organizations. A2 Hosting offers a discount on hosting packages to accredited non-profit organizations. To obtain this discount for your organization, please open a support ticket on the A2 Hosting Customer Portal at

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Reduced fares for non-profit organization members ...

(9 days ago) TravelBuzz - Reduced fares for non-profit organization members? - Is there such a critter--reduced airfare for someone traveling on behalf of a non-profit organization? Perhaps a discount code? Daughter, a 19 year-old college student, is founder and president of a 501(3)(c) and when she travels to 3rd world countries

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Associations and Organizations: UPS - United States

(5 days ago) Reduce Expedited Mail Costs. UPS Mail Innovations ® relies on our extensive network and a unique program with the U.S. Postal Service ® (USPS) to cut the cost of shipping flat mail, media mail, bound printed matter, and parcels that weigh less than one pound.. Since we perform functions--like labeling and sorting--normally handled by USPS, we're able to pass along reduced rates to you.

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Computers for Schools, Education and ... - Discount Computer

(5 days ago) Non-Profit Computer Discounts. Computers and Technology for Education, Government and Non-Profit Organizations. offers the best options for education/schools, government and non-profits when it comes to quality and price on all technology. By focusing on quality production processes and on-time delivery our goal is to ...

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Office 365 Nonprofit | Office 365

(6 years ago) Securely run and grow your nonprofit with an integrated solution purpose built for small and midsized organizations. Empower staff and volunteers to succeed with the dynamic set of tools included in our Office 365 Nonprofit plans. Provide team members with free email and online document editing and ...

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10 Secrets to Increase Nonprofit Compensation - Nonprofit Hub

(5 days ago) But that still leaves one burning question—h ow can nonprofit employers increase employee compensation? The short answer: plenty of ways. Here are 10 of them to enrich the employee-employer relationship. 1. Extend Purchasing Perks and Memberships. Some companies will pass on discounts and special offers to a nonprofit’s employees.

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Staples Advantage for Nonprofits | NonProfit Rate

(3 days ago) Deep discounts on digital printing; How to access discounts with Staples Advantage. Learn more about Staples Advantage for nonprofits and gain eligibility through a free membership in CoAction. Coaction is a group purchasing organization serving the nonprofit sector.

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Pricing & Discounts for Nonprofit Organizations | JotForm

(6 days ago) Apply for a discount Get Your Nonprofit Discount. You want to make the world a better place — and we’re here to help you do it. To thank you for making a difference, nonprofit organizations get 50% off our Bronze, Silver, and Gold plans. Collect more submissions and donations for your nonprofit at half our regular price!

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Eventbrite for Nonprofits | Eventbrite

(20 days ago) Eventbrite provides all the tools needed to help you effectively promote your non profit event. Sell tickets directly on Facebook Give your supporters the ability to buy tickets to your events in two clicks without ever leaving Facebook.

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Non-profit Travel | Fly For Good

(4 days ago) Some Organizations We Work With: Nonprofit Staff Airfare. We save nonprofits thousands of dollars on international airfare. You’ll work with one agent who will get to know your needs and preferences and be your go-to person for questions or concerns. You’re doing good. We want to help. Call, text, tweet, post, e-mail, mail or surprise us in ...

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Buffer for Nonprofits

(6 days ago) Is my organization eligible for a nonprofit discount? We offer a 50% discount to all registered nonprofit organizations. All we need to see is your official documentation, such as a copy of your 501(c)(3), or your country’s equivalent, to support your nonprofit status. Visit our nonprofit FAQ page for more information.

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LinkedIn for Nonprofits

(6 days ago) LinkedIn For Nonprofits offers many ways for your organization to benefit from the largest professional network in the world. Whether you’re looking to find and develop talent, drive nonprofit awareness and build community, fundraise/development or develop your talent and volunteers, we can help.

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Discounts for Nonprofits Shipping ... - Nonprofit Information

(5 days ago) Known for competitive rates, and reliability even beating out such other major couriers like FedEx and UPS pricing for business, shipping with DHL’s Partner InXpress are now taking it one step further, giving extra discounts to Nonprofits. Nonprofit organizations as well as growing businesses can expect to save at least 40% off their annual ...

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Nonprofit Management Resources - Google for Nonprofits

(4 days ago) Spread the word about your nonprofit’s mission, engage new supporters, fundraise in more ways online—do all this and more when you join Google for Nonprofits.

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Employee Perks

(8 days ago) Corporate perks and great deals and discounts from top merchants available exclusively to US corporation employees.Save more with hot online deals and offers. Welcome to Employee Perks . By leveraging the purchasing power of all our members, you can save on almost everything you want to buy. Also, earn points for every dollar you spend and get ...

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Nonprofit Discount | Formstack

(5 days ago) Formstack will provide a 25% discount to non-educational, non-governmental organizations that are tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Fill out the form below to find out if you qualify. Please note that your organization is only eligible for a discount if you are on a Silver plan or above.

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How Nonprofits Can Save Money on Postage | Nonprofit Expert

(4 days ago) Nonprofit Standard Mail – While nonprofit organizations and businesses use Standard Mail® the same way, authorized nonprofit organizations are eligible for additional savings on Standard Mail. Eligibility to use nonprofit rates is based both on the eligibility of the organization and the content of the mail piece as established by federal statutes. Authorized Nonprofit organizations …

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Phone donation/discounts for Non Profits | AT&T Business ...

(10 days ago) We are currently looking to purchase 10-12 phones for our employees to use for business. Texting ability is the only requirement. Does AT&T have some kind of program that will donate these phones or is there a discount that could be applied for a large order of phones for a non-profit organization?

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Buying and selling to benefit nonprofit organizations | eBay

(5 days ago) Information for nonprofit organizations. If you represent a nonprofit organization and you’d like your organization to be listed in our directory of registered charities, please visit the eBay for Charity website for nonprofit organizations. Tip Every eBay member has a donation account.

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Solved: Is there a nonprofit price for quickbooks?

(9 days ago) We need for our nonprofit organization a 2020 version of quickbooks, Windows PC version. It seems like it is out of stock on techsoup, is there anywhere else we can get it at a discount price or is there any way to know if and when it will restock? Thanks!

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HubSpot | HubSpot for Nonprofits

(2 days ago) A Crash Course on Inbound Marketing for Nonprofits. The way constituents discover and engage with organizations has undergone a major shift. Rather than shouting above the noise online, nonprofits can now make a larger impact by drawing people in with content and experiences that they love. Download Now

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Nonprofit Procurement Services | OMNIA Partners

(5 days ago) Nonprofit discounts can enable you to use additional funds to support your mission. With no cost to participate and no minimum order requirements, nonprofits of any size have the ability to purchase the products, services and solutions they need at volume discount prices that would be nearly impossible to attain individually. Save Time

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Technology for Nonprofits - PCs for People

(3 days ago) Eligible nonprofit organizations can purchase computers and mobile internet from PCs for People. Our low-cost technology can be used for any relevant purpose such as furnishing offices, opening client-focused computer labs and creating a hotspot lending program. Whatever your nonprofit's technology needs, PCs for People can provide you with a solution tailored to meet them.

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Religious & Nonprofit Organizations |

(2 days ago) Religious and non-profit organizations: while you care for others, we’re here to help! is your headquarters for care package supplies — we even have care package ideas online. We have everything you need, from first-aid supplies and bulk deodorants to coloring books and stuffed animals.. Complete your care packages with wholesale personal care supplies and religious supplies.

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Does Intuit offer discounts for non-profit organizations ...

(1 months ago) As national headquarters of a non-profit academic honor society, our office of only 5 employees (2 full time, 3 part time) tries to keep operating expenses as low as possible. We were just notified that our base monthly rate for Intuit payroll service will increase from $39 to $45, and the employee surcharge will double, a total increase of $16 per month.

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AWS for Nonprofits & NGOs - Amazon Web Services (AWS)

(3 days ago) Amazon Web Services (AWS) is dedicated to a world where every person has the opportunity to live a life of dignity on a healthy planet. Tens of thousands of nonprofits and non-governmental organizations worldwide use AWS to increase their impact and advance mission goals.

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HUD-Approved Nonprofit Organizations and Government ...

(7 days ago) HUD-Approved Nonprofit Organizations and Governmental Entities can participate in the following programs: HUD Homes program, where HUD real-estate owned (REO) properties can be purchased by HUD-Approved Nonprofit Organizations and Governmental Entities at a discount and during the exclusive listing period.

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Microsoft for Nonprofits

(2 days ago) *Microsoft partners with TechSoup and their worldwide network of partners to validate your organization's eligibility for nonprofit offers from Microsoft. As part of the validation process, Microsoft will share your registration information with TechSoup.

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